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come on baby with me, we’re gonna fly away from here…

I just lost my dearest family friend to brain cancer. She was my mother’s best friend and my entire family is devastated. Julie was outstandingly kind, an incredible mother to three children, and one of the most sincere, caring friends one could ever hope to have. She was a shining light that even in death cannot be extinguished. She was loved so deeply by all who had the privilege to know her. Julie was an angel long before she went to heaven.

I can still hear her laugh, ringing in my ears. 

It takes a village to raise a child. Julie was part of my village, a second mother to me. I just don’t know how to grieve the loss of someone so integral, so foundational to my life. And when I think of this as I cry, I end up sobbing even harder; if I feel this broken, I cannot fathom how her children and husband are feeling now.

I have been all kinds of sick in my lifetime, but heartsick is by far the worst.

I love you to the moon and back. 

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"'Lonely, ain’t it?'
‘Yes, but my lonely is mine. Now your lonely is somebody else’s. Made by somebody else and handed to you. Ain’t that something? A secondhand lonely.’"
— Toni Morrison, Sula (via feellng)

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Song: Valerie
Artist: Amy Winehouse
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Valerie- Amy Winehouse

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"Be proud of your place in the Cosmos. It is small, and yet, it is."
— Cecil Palmer

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"P.S. Just a reminder: Grief is not a one-time thing for people with chronic health problems. Just like people grieving the loss of a loved one find the sadness washes over them at holidays or family events or even unexpected everyday moments, we who are grieving the loss of ourselves, or our former lives, will find the feelings come at random—When someone mentions an activity we used to love, or even something as simple as spilling a glass of milk, or not being able to find our keys. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It means you’re human. And it’s okay."
— Sick and Tired: Empathy, Encouragement, and Practical help for Those Suffering from Chronic Health Problems by Kimberly Rae (via brittieslifeasiknowit)

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"Every introvert alive knows the exquisite pleasure of stepping from the clamor of a party into the bathroom and closing the door."
— Sophia Dembling - The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World  (via tomhiddlston)

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"All the different emotions that are written about on this album are all pretty much about the kind of tumultuous, crazy, insane, intense, semi-toxic relationships that I’ve experienced in the last two years. All those emotions — spanning from intense love, intense frustration, jealousy, confusion, all of that — in my mind, all those emotions are red. You know, there’s nothing in between. There’s nothing beige about any of those feelings."


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1) A boy telling you you’re pretty won’t make you see the beauty in the fullness of your cheeks, in redness of your lips at 2 in the morning when tequila is making the bar bathroom spin. He can’t take away the ugliness that you see in yourself, you have to do that.

2) You have to be ready to hear someone say they love you. You have to be ready, and you have to be willing, and you have to listen. Because sometimes, they won’t say those three words, they’ll put a blanket over you while you’re watching a movie, they’ll kiss your cheek when they think you’re asleep, they’ll smile when they see you first thing in the morning. But you, you have to be willing to see it, feel it, let it in. Letting someone love you takes practice.

3) Don’t make compromises you can’t live with. Compromise is a different version of what you want, not a whole other Universe.

4) Learn to say no. No - to a movie you don’t want to watch; no - to sex you don’t want to have, no- to a relationship that’s driving you mad. Say no - to things that hurt you, to people that extinguish your fire, to jobs you hate and places that are desolate. There are bad things that we can’t control, bad things that happen and we are sucked into and have to feel with every fibre of our being, but the rest - learn to distance yourself, learn to say no.

5) Don’t expect people to walk through fire for you - not your parents, not your friends, not the person you’re in love with. Love doesn’t mean sacrifice, love shouldn’t mean sacrifice. Don’t expect someone to give away pieces of them, so they could fit you better. And don’t feel hurt when they refuse to - it’s self-preservation. Instead - learn from them. Do it as well.

6) Don’t tether yourself to people. Learn to make connections, to love, with both your feet steady on the ground. Learn to let people pass through your life; like a summer breeze, not a storm that’s just been unleashed.

7) Learn the difference between growth and growing up before it’s too late. Rooftops and water fights and ice cream for breakfast can be a part of your life at 10, 25, or 35. But by the time you’re 35 you need to learn to say enough, to be able to walk away, you need to be able to love yourself. Love yourself the way you loved yourself at 10, before the world had a chance to fill your head with ugliness.

m.v., The list of things I learned before turning 22, pt.1. (pt.2)

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I don’t like it when they start to make cheap shots at my songwriting. Because there’s no joke to be made there.

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"They told me that to make her fall in love, I had to make her laugh. But everytime she laughs, I’m the one who falls in love."
— Tommaso Ferraris (via feellng)

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"Let’s just skip to the part where we can spend the rest of our lives together."
— (via tiffwunder)